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  • Digital Mailer #4

    Our 4th mailer that we sent out. Be safe heading to the voting booth today!



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  • New Extended Commercial

    This is an extended version of the commercial we posted last week. You definitely want to watch this! I'd also like to thank Rob Biggins a teacher Clinton Middle School and Curtis Evans of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance.

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  • Digital Mailer #3

    Our third mailer is probably my favorite, as I get to share my lovely family with everyone.

    While reinforcing the three critical elements that I plan to bring to the county: Transparency, Efficiency, and Accountability, I also get to show three of the activities that encompass my daily life: volunteering, running my business, and spending time with the ones I love.

     Front of Mailer 3

    Back of Mailer 3

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  • Digital Mailer #2

    As promised, here is another one of the mailers we sent to voter's physical addresses. Unfortunately there's only so much you can say on a postcard!


    Front of Mailer 2

    Back of Mailer 2

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  • Don Crall - Public Servant, Leader, Businessman

    I haven't been one to seek the endorsement of legislators, political action committees, or special interest groups. It's the support and the endorsements of the individuals with whom I interact every day that mean the most to me.

    A special thanks to the people you will see in this video.

    • Bob McKay - Keller Williams Realty
    • Sean Kouplen - Regent Bank
    • Cindy Perry - Staged with Style
    • Michele Burns - Staged with Style
    • Judy Evans - Spring Hill Farms Residential Development
    • Pat Thomas - Family Friend

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  • Digital Mailer #1

    The countdown to Election Day is on! There are so many of you that I do not have physical mailing addresses for and I want to be able to share my message with you. I will be posting a digital copy of each one of my mailers here on my website and on Facebook every day until election day.  Here's number 1!



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  • Our new commercial is out!

    One of our youngest volunteers, who happens to be my lovely Granddaughter Teralyn, decided she wanted to make a commercial for my campaign last night. So her mom dug out the video camera while Teralyn picked out several wardrobe changes and they went to work:



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  • Bixby Businessman is Ready to Serve


    Don Crall doesn’t need a job.

    Crall, a conservative Republican, is running for Tulsa County Commissioner for District 3, a seat being vacated by retiring Commissioner Fred Perry, also a Republican.

    Crall faces (Republicans) former State Rep. Ron Peters, former... Read More

  • Don's thoughts on Integrity and Quality



    Do you trust your government?

    It is often said that there is nothing more important than a person’s reputation.  The same can be said for an organization.  A reputation is earned over time and it tends to reflect true and demonstrable values.  Many agree that integrity and quality are the foundational values that enlighten everything else we do.  It is certainly the foundation of transparent, efficient, and accountable government. As a taxpayer funded entity, it is paramount that Tulsa County adheres to the highest level of transparency and accountability and that... Read More

  • This is a Job Where I Can Make a Difference

    Last week I sat down with Charlie Biggs from the Beacon Weekend radio show on KCFO and discussed a number of topics important to everyone within Tulsa County. If you missed the live interview, you can listen to the 3-part recording below.  We talk about everything from Vision 2 and bonding issues to education and my desire to make a difference.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

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